Chris considered to be one of the leading ‘people’ photographers in Arizona. He has been shooting headshots of high profile personalities in the entertainment, fashion, cosmetics and corporate industries for over 20 years. His editorial credentials include over a thousand magazine covers.

Many of his clients comment on his visceral awareness of where they are in real time during a photo session and his remarkable feedback and direction. Whether it is to help them relax, focus or simply change gears, it is always directed to elevating and expanding their delivery to the camera.

His mantra is “Its not about the lights or the camera…its about the emotional delivery. Whether that delivery is subtle and contained or explosive and unrestrained…. it must be genuine…it must be authentic. It isn’t complex … everyone knows it when they see it. The challenge is capturing it on demand during the small window of a shoot. At their best, photo sessions are collaborative, a give and take. If I’m shooting a pro my job is to make small course corrections without getting in the way, if I’m shooting an amateur my job is to encourage, listen and lead.“

Chris’ celebrity photography is published and syndicated world wide by Shooting Star Agency (Hollywood), Sipa Press (Paris) & H. Armstrong Roberts (Philadelphia). His other work including portraiture, advertising and commercial portfolios can be reviewed at www.christopherbarr.com. His corporate client resume and media resumes are also available for review there.

For a interesting bio about Chris read a “Letter of Introduction” written by Peter Lefevre. Also available on Jobing.com is a recently posted on-set interview as part of their “Pursue the Passion” series.
Chris has been a proud member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) since 1988.